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When my sister did her final purging before she went to Brazil, I ended up with a carload of stuff that she couldn’t take but didn’t want to get rid of. I did not necessarily desire all the stuff I received, but I understand that storage is expensive, my crawlspace is not completely full and that when you ask a niece if she wants anything from piles and piles of shiny trinkets, she’s likely to fill up her pockets and suitcase like it was Easter.

The largest item I have acquired is a dollhouse that was found in the trash and has been given much thought and investment without much advancement yet. I am glad to have it but it’s going to need a lot of work. I also hope she’s not expecting it to look anything like it did when she gave it to me because I am going to change everything. To start, though, it’s going to need a roof.

The house

Among the boxes of bath oil, craft supplies, food items and dollhouse fixings was this box-

I was very exited when I found this

A little less so when I opened it

As my teenage daughters are interested in helping (in theory), I suspect the house will twist a little towards the sinister side. It will be a good project to chip away at when I have the time (hahahaha).