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Today I passed off the baby to it’s new caregiver. Unlike daycare training where you have to look after an egg or bag of sugar, our baking class has a sourdough culture for homework. I had him for two weeks and now it’s my partner’s turn. I have to trust her to keep the baby alive.

We named it Seymour.

My baby eats twice a day

Making a sourdough culture is a little finicky. You’ll need a kitchen scale, or something that measures grams, and a thermometer. To make the culture starter, mix-

  • 80g of flour
  • 20g of rye flour
  • 60g of water (at 20 degrees C)

Put starter dough in a small container and feed it every 12 hours. To feed it measure-

  • 100g of the starter dough (throw the rest away and put the 100g back in the container)
  • 100g of flour
  • 60g of water (at 20 degrees C)

After 5 days, you can begin to use 100g of your starter as a leavener to make breads. As you will always have at least 200g of starter, you can keep the rest and keep feeding as long as you want.

Seymour on day 3.

I will post some recipes for the starter on my blog in a few days, after I have a chance to try them out.