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I am an artist at heart. As I’ve been since I was old enough to say “Mine!” I’m also ridiculously attached to my creations. Now this has caused some small issue with my attempts to make a career out of being an artist. I can give things away but tend to struggle with the thought of betraying my carefully crafted babies by selling them off to unknown strangers who may take good care of them or could just as easily leave them somewhere that their two year old nephew takes a pair of scissors and a box of markers to them because he thinks he’s an artist too. Get in line, you little punk! It’s a dog eat vandal dog world!

My present dilemma is that the breads we’ve been making at school are really pretty. The artist in me cannot bear to donate them to the college store. So I’ve been buying them all to bring home and show off to my family. Which would be great if I had enough family around to consume the damn things. My sister lives in Brazil, my brother in Taiwan, my father’s away in Quebec and my mother’s vacationing on the East coast. Oh yes, and my husband can’t have wheat. Daughters love me though. But being their mother there’s only so much sugary fat (thanks Josh’s) that I can let them consume before I start to feel the guilt of being a crappy parent.

See what I mean-

From left- Brioche bread, Challah, Chop Suey bread

From left- Apple poppyseed coffee cake, Hazelnut twist

Luckily, this is it for breads at school. My freezer is full and all the neighbours are getting fat. Next week we start cookies, which will be much easier to carry home and much less difficult to store. Also, I’m hoping the temptation to bring everything home won’t be as strong. Maybe just a couple each batch. Unless they’re really good cookies, in which case, I’m a little doomed.