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I invited some good friends over for Thanksgiving and now have the joy of experimenting on them with my culinary husband and the endless possibilities of our ridiculously large collection of cookbooks and magazines. Foremost though, was getting a bird worthy of a large dinner party.

I was figuring something around 14-16 pounds when I entered the grocery store. But there it was: free run, grain fed, and obviously the grand emperor of the frozen bird display. I guess I’m the kinda girl where size does matter. Did I check the weight? Hell no! This was love at first sight, and I’m a romantic.

It was the only thing I bought, as I needed both arms to lug it out. People got out of my way as I walked down the store aisle, and an older man winked at me (no kidding) as if to say “atta girl”. I didn’t take it straight to the car because I wanted to show it off. Also, my husband was across the road at the farmer’s market and he had the car keys (there was a decided lack of planning here).

Getting it home, my daughter exclaimed, “Oh cool! We’re having emu for Thanksgiving”. Final examination clocked birdzilla in at 27 lbs. My husband was proud but pointed out a couple of problems that might arise.

Problem 1.

We're going to need a bigger roasting pan.

Luckily problem 2 and 3 (the fridge and the oven) were solved with a little creative shuffling and me informing all guests to bring their crock-pot cause our turkey ain’t sharing it’s sauna time with anyone.