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Some husbands give their wives flowers. Mine gives me things like this..

Daikon and jeruselam artichoke

Now in context, he does it because he knows I’ll be entertained, so when he finds a mutant he always buys it and brings it home to leave out for me. For an example of this, see Stan, the potato, here

My suspicion concerning the frequency of these gifts is that my husband also wants to be entertained in return and is curious to see what use I’ll make of his offerings. Though I did not have much time while preparing Thanksgiving dinner, I couldn’t leave such fine specimens un-pimped. And there was a story to tell..

Daryl Daikon and Grub

As you can see, Stan is looking a little worse for wear but my family doesn’t want me to take him away. They find it appropriate, what with Halloween coming, to leave the poor guy to zombify on the window ledge.

I notice Daryl is also a little concerned.