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I’ve had a pretty good first semester at baking college. Between the challenge of going back to school at my ripe old age, learning a hoard of challenging new skills, and diving back into the social scene, I’ve had a lot of fun. Finishing my final classes and exams this week was fabulous but also meant a lot of goodbyes with people who won’t be in my classes next semester. Saddest of all was leaving our chef who has told us all since the first day that we are the worst class he’s ever had and won our hearts and devotion with his honesty, humour and abuse.

Here’s the class picture, although there are a few missing who should be here. That’s me on the far right. I was normal for all the other shots.

I don’t go back for three weeks but in the meantime, I’m going to try and stay in touch with as many people as I can. I hope to see all of you next year at least once in a while. And in the meantime, enjoy your break everybody. You were all great.