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My friend and I entered a gingerbread house competition. The house mostly came together in the last two days, as my friend and I live nowhere near each other and the competition was smack dab in the middle of our last two exam weeks (yes, there was a lot of procrastination). Between panicked e-mails we boiled sugar, food-coloured marshmallows and did experiments with cookie dough and chocolate. All in all, it was a lot of fun and a very educational experience. The time we did have in her apartment assembling and decorating the final product went pretty well. There was a little snark, and perhaps a couple of minor freak-out moments but we both still have all our limbs and are still friends so I think it was a success. She has reminded me a couple of times what a huge mess I left her, but I paid for all the supplies and did all the traveling so I’m calling it even.

Here was our entry. Unimaginatively called “Rustic stone cottage”. We didn’t get a chance to finish all the things we wanted to do with it, because we kinda ran out of time. These pictures were taken a couple of days after, so some of the colour had started to run.

The back window was almost a disaster but between my stubborness and props created during my friend’s playtime with marzipan we ended up with this

Another view

Though we didn’t place in the top three, we got an honourable mention for our house as “the best place to hide out from the cold”. I was content (although winning one of the Cuisinart prize packs would have been kinda awesome, but then my friend and I would have had to figure out how to split stuff up).