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I apologize for my long absence between postings. There has been much craziness, and also a petulant relationship that has formed between my camera and my computer. As I’m not sure who started it, I’ve been hoping they’ll work it out on their own. In the interim I may have to play favourites and replace one of them. So far this threat has yielded no results.

In the meantime, I have another relationship that it has come time to terminate. Stan has expressed, through no small amount of degradation, that he would like to be put to rest now. For previous posts on Stan click here.

My husband is greatly reluctant to part with him, as he has become a bit of a mascot in our kitchen and his slow transformation has been morbidly fascinating. However, I won the fight when we found potato bugs hiding behind him on the ledge. If he has become a bug king of any kind, it’s time for him to relocate permanently.

Stan the potato zombieSo, it is been decided that giving Stan a proper burial is going to be our first official ritual of spring (right after our first use of the BBQ and before getting our taxes done and somewhere in the middle of spring cleaning). I’ll have a proper wake, with frittata, latkes and stuffed potato skins.

It will be fun to see if he blooms into a big plant during the summer. Maybe there will be a new crop of little ones for fall.